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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To give youth in the area an opportunity to expand their soccer knowledge and skills through a competitive soccer program that promotes the game of soccer in a fun, safe and positive environment.

Club Philosophy

The Three Rivers Soccer Club is a select youth soccer club for boys and girls whose primary focus is to provide a positive experience for the player, coach and parents.  The emphasis will be on the education of technical and tactical development of each player and coach; so that their experience with the Three Rivers Soccer Club will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.  It is expected that all players admitted to the Three Rivers Soccer Club program are committed and that they are willing to work hard at every practice and game.  Parents are expected to uphold their child’s commitment to the program by bringing them to ALL practices and ALL games and on time.

Coach Commitment

 We will be committed to developing our players to first being the best teammates and second to be the best players that they can be.  To accomplish this, we will provide a competitive environment that will focus on technical, tactical and philosophical components of the game.  The development of our players can only succeed if coaches, parents and players are in union.  Coaches will work to achieve what is best for players, the team and the “club” as a whole.  This includes, reinforcing player’s commitment; keeping players and parents informed on dates and times of team activities; maintaining a safe environment; and motivating players to continue to achieve their goals in the game of soccer.  Coaches will place players in the team that best suits each player, allowing players to play up as allowed by league rules.

Player Commitment

It is mandatory that players attend ALL practices, games, tournaments and meetings.  Players are to notify coaches in advance, if for some reason or another they can not make one of the above.  Notification to coaches of a planned absence will give ample time for coaches to plan accordingly.  Any player that misses a practice will be expected to make it up with another team, or be penalized according to the policies of the club and coach.  Players are expected to be punctual to all games, practices, tournaments and meetings.  Players are expected to be properly dressed for the weather, shin guards and proper footwear.  Also, players should come prepared with their own soccer ball and water bottle.

Finally and most importantly, all players must always respect for all authority figures, which includes coaches, trainers, referees, administrators, parents and their teammates.  Violation of the Three Rivers Soccer Club code of conduct will result in disciplinary actions that may result in suspension and or expulsion from the club.

Parent Commitment

Parents are expected to be supportive of all players, coaches and officials.  This includes getting your child to and from ALL practices and games on time.  This shows respect for the coach, and it tells your child that he or she is their top priority.

Parents should know that they are also representatives of the club and are to represent the club in a positive manner and set a proper example for our players.  Therefore, under no circumstances are parents to coach players during the game and also show respect to coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, and officials.  Also, parents are to uphold the commitment of their child in the program.
Parents should know and understand that they will be held responsible of any fines levied on our club resulting from any comments or actions by them or their child.  If fines or player fees are not paid timely, this may result in suspension and or expulsion of your child from the club.  Keep in mind that any monies already paid to the club, WILL NOT be refunded.